Download Demo Scripts:
Standard Introductory Demo
Standard Demo Extension Part 1 - OLAP Services
Standard Demo Extension Part 2 - Dashboard Design from Template
MicroStrategy Mobile - Setup & Configuration using Demo Center (Employees Only)
MicroStrategy Mobile - Recorded Demo
HRAM Demo Script
Customer Analysis
MicroStrategy 9 Demo Center

The MicroStrategy Demo Center is an externally accessible, Web-based demonstration environment of our BI platform. It is available to all MicroStrategy employees, distributors and partners - simply log in with your corporate account to demo our latest platform products in a standard browser. 

Use the MicroStrategy Demo Center to: 

  • Demonstrate the latest in MicroStrategy 9.
  • Demonstrate MicroStrategy Mobile capabilities from your Blackberry(TM) device to customers and prospects
  • Demonstrate MicroStrategy Dynamic Dashboards to customers and prospects
  • Impress upon prospects and customers the complete business value of our Industrial-Strength Business Intelligence Platform.
  • Test drive MicroStrategy Web Universal Professional Edition and our Analytical Modules.

The MicroStrategy Demo Center showcases all the latest generally available software versions of our software in a production-like environment. Demo scripts are provided as a guide through the Analytic Modules.

Demo Center FAQs
What functionality is available to me?
Everyone will have MicroStrategy Web Universal Professional capabilities and access to MicroStrategy Office. For more information on how to use MicroStrategy Office, click on the "download" link above.
This site provides access via MicroStrategy Mobile. Click on the link on the left for more information.

Can I save my own objects?
Yes, in your My Reports folder. Unused objects will get purged from the projects on a regular basis.

So, is this environment durable?
Our All-Hands Testing activities were a rousing success.  We were able to simulate very strong con- currency usage, achieving a throughput of 2,852 non-cached reports requested by 88 different users in 1 hour! 

What about Support?
MicroStrategy Employees can log any issues or enhancement requests using the MicroStrategy Help Desk. MicroStrategy Distributors and Partners: Please contact MicroStrategy Technical Support: USA, EMEA, Asia Pacific.

Suggestions / Comments?
Please contact the Demo Center team.
MicroStrategy Software

Experience the most recent releases of MicroStrategy 9:

  MicroStrategy Web Universal 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy Report Services 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy OLAP Services 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy Office 9 HF1
  MicroStrategy Mobile 9 HF1

Hardware & Operating Systems
Web Universal Dell PowerEdge
4 CPUs @ 2.66 GHz
Windows 2003
Internet Information Server 6
Intelligence Server Dell PowerEdge
4 CPUs @ 2.66GHz
Windows 2003
Narrowcast Server Dell PowerEdge
2 CPUs @ 2.4GHz
512 MB RAM
Windows 2000
Database Dell PowerEdge
4 CPUs @ 2.4GHz
Windows 2000
SQL Server 2000


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